6 Reasons Why You Should Attend TEDxMMU 2018 – Generation Y

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You must have listened to TED Talks on YouTube. In 2014, I was lucky enough to be a part of TEDxKL event. And I was left amazed! I have never met a huge congregation of inspirational people under one roof. On 8th February 2018, Multimedia University is organizing TEDxMMU 2018 for the second time. Accomplished speakers and performers from diverse fields have been invited to present. So if you haven’t booked your ticket yet, here are 5 great reasons why you should attend the upcoming TEDxMMU event.


The company you keep defines you. Associate yourself with people of good quality; for it is better to be alone than be in a bad company”. It is very important to choose your friends wisely. When you will come to TEDxMMU 2018, you will get the chance to hang out with people who have come over there for the same purpose as you – to learn. Get to know them, increase your network. You never know how your new companions can have a positive impact on you.

Get encouragement

We are all in need of constant inspiration and motivation. At times, we confront issues in our lives that make us lose hope and surrender the spirit of living. When we listen to the people who have faced bigger problems than us and still did not give up hope, we realize that “…Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” (Surah Baqarah).

Get inspired

When do you get the opportunity to meet world’s greatest leaders & artists in one place, under one roof, in Malaysia? The celebrities that you could only dream of seeing are taking time out of their schedule to come for you to attend TEDxMMU 2018. So why not grab this incredible chance? Visit the link to see the complete list of speakers:

TEDxMMU 2018

The ticket is only RM 35!!! You are not spending; you are investing

Attend TED talks for only RM 35!!! Including refreshments! Wow! Who wants to miss an opportunity like this? Seriously guys! It is a very reasonable amount for TED talks. to Enjoy a night of fun. Come on! Don’t be stingy. You are not spending; you are investing RM 35! 

Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment

Why spend time in your almost cozy room and watch the re-runs of TV shows when you can enjoy the extravagant live performances of artists and speakers? We know you have assignments and tests. But guys, take a break. Relax your mind for a while. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Be where your competitors are

Ok. I don’t mean that it is a contest where you need to beat to win. This is not a race. But this event is giving you an opportunity to learn from the people who have excelled in their respective fields. Get to know the strengths of the winners and apply them to yourself. Learn from them. If they can win, so can you.

Contact Facebook page to purchase your ticket. Due to the limited number of seats, the tickets will be sold on first come, first serve basis. The map to the venue has been included below.

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Which is the Cheapest Grocery Mart in the Most Expensive City of Malaysia

Is there a way to get cheap grocery items at your doorstep in Cyberjaya?

Cyberjaya is a ridiculously expensive city of Malaysia. Living in Cyberjaya comes with the struggle of keeping up with the absurd, nonsensical prices of groceries and other items. The prices of (literally) everything is always skyrocketing!!! If you are one of the people struggling with the absurd, bizarre prices of groceries and other items, I have the best place (and the most convenient) to shop from.

“The same can of sardines cost RM 3.07 in Tesco and RM 7.60 in Cyberjaya! 2 kg of fresh chicken cost RM 12 in Tesco and 900g of frozen chicken cost RM 9.90 in Cyberjaya!!!The same brand of sausages cost RM 2.40 in Tesco and RM 4.70 in Cyberjaya!!!”

Tesco Online Store allows you to purchase groceries and other items at surprisingly cheap rates at the comfort of your home. I bought a total of 35 items cost only RM 114!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had bought the same items in Cyberjaya’s average shop, it would have easily cost at least RM 250!!! To give you a simple example, the same can of sardines cost RM 3.07 in Tesco and RM 7.60 in Cyberjaya! 2 kg of fresh chicken cost RM 12 in Tesco and 900g of frozen chicken cost RM 9.90 in Cyberjaya!!!The same brand of sausages cost RM 2.40 in Tesco and RM 4.70 in Cyberjaya!!!20171122_131735 (1)20171122_132018 (1)20171122_131326 (1)

The shipping charges depend upon the timings of the delivery slot that you have selected and it ranges from only RM 3 to RM 10. Yes, you can select your own convenient delivery time.

So enjoy a hot cup of coffee at home, look at the beautiful nest of birds outside your window while you wait for the fresh stock of vegetables and fruits at your doorstep.

Thanks to the mercy of Tesco, your groceries can be delivered in most of the cities in Malaysia.

To visit their website, click on the link below:

Tesco Online Store

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Four Reasons Why You Should Attend RICES Exhibition


WhatsApp Image 2017-11-13 at 3.19.15 PM
Graduate Research Assistants working hard as volunteers to ensure RICES exhibition becomes a success; me sitting in center, wearing green
WhatsApp Image 2017-11-13 at 3.19.06 PM
Volunteering to ensure smooth flow of the event

Have you always wanted to meet the inspiring researchers in the world? Did you want to showcase your project and win a prize for your innovative discovery? Do you want to inspire others or get inspired yourself? Here is a chance to make your dreams come true!!! RICES exhibition is being held by Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia on 15th November 2017! Research students of Masters and Ph.D. will get together to exhibit their projects and compete! Have you decided to visit the exhibition? If not, here are 4 reasons why you should attend this prestigious event…

1)   Networking

The company you keep defines you. When you will come to RICES exhibition you will get the chance to hang out with people who have come over there for the same purpose as you – to learn. Get to know them, grow your network. You never know how your new companions will have a positive impact on you. 

  2) Meet your favourite idols

When do you ever get the opportunity to meet Malaysia’s greatest engineers, researchers,  social scientists in one place, under one roof, in Malaysia? The pioneers that you could only dream of seeing are taking time out of their schedule to attend and judge at the RICES exhibition. So why not grab this incredible chance? 

2)      Gain knowledge

Wise is the person who learns from his experience. But the wisest is the one who learns from the experience of others. None of us are perfect so when the exhibitors will share their project work, you will have the capacity to pick up on their insight & learn, change and grow.

3)      Get encouragement

It is common for us, students to get frustrated with studies and get bored with the routine. We are all in need of constant inspiration and motivation. At times, we confront issues in our lives that make us lose hope and surrender the spirit of living. When you will listen to the riff of people who worked diligently to improve the world around us with their innovative ideas, it will reborn your curiosity and confidence.


So do not waste your time. Mark your calendars right now! 😀

15th November 2017, 9:30 a.m.

Tun Chancellor Hall (DTC)

Hoping to see you soon.

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Awkward Moments Only Pakistanis Living in Malaysia Understand

1. When you realize that the word ‘susu’ means milk in Malay and urine in your own language, Urdu.
It comes as a shock when your friend says: “Let’s go and drink susu from the canteen”.


2. When Malaysians automatically assume that you are either from Karachi or Lahore. Seriously, dude, there are other cities in Pakistan.


3. The so-called ‘Pakistani biryani’ annoys you.
When instead of getting the royal dish biryani, you are served white rice with disastrous chicken sauce plopped on top.


4. When the Malaysians automatically assume that you are rich because you have at least one maid at your home in Pakistan.


5. When you are really excited about the ‘kurma’ you are about to be served at a restaurant and realize that kurma means dates.


Despite the weird assumptions and misunderstandings, you enjoy your time in the beautiful country. (And continue to miss the edibles of your home country).


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India vs Pakistan

Indians are amazing people. Two of my best friends, Shalini and Hari, are Indians and they are helpful, decent, modest, and I love them. Despite political rivalry between Pakistan and India, I have deep respect for the citizens of both countries. However, recently, I had the most annoying conversation with a belligerent and brassy Indian that made my blood boil. He had commented a very nasty thing about Pakistanis. I was unable to find the actual tweet but please read the following conversation.

1 Tweet3 Tweet4 Tweet2 Tweet5 Tweet6 Tweet7 Tweet8 Tweet9 Tweet10 Tweet11 Tweet12 Tweet13 Tweet

What made me upset was not the fact that he was criticizing Pakistan. I think everyone has the right to freedom of speech. What made me upset was that he was implying that all Pakistanis are malicious. Generalizations give rise to hatred against a particular country, race, religion. And it should be avoided at any cost. Being an enthusiastic traveler, I have known people from diverse nations and I have met both ethical and unethical people. And I have long trashed the belief that the people belonging to a certain group are ALL nice or ALL bad. Being nice is not built into a person by his/her country of origin. It is built into him through his own critical thinking.

The world is already divided up. We don’t need more hatred towards anyone. Boundaries of nations are man-made creation. Being born into a certain country doesn’t make us better than the other person. Unity and humanity are what will keep the world together. I am a Pakistani and I proudly say that I love Pakistan and I love India.

Quoting Quran:

“An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. “

And Martin Luther King:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

-Peace out

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Buses in Pakistan-Art on Wheels

Pakistanis are art lovers. They like expressing their views and desires through works of painting. You don’t have to walk towards the art to feast your eyes, the art will come towards you. Ladies and Gentlemen! I introduce you to the bus/truck art of Pakistani buses! Have a look at a typical bus and some of the common symbols found on the buses.


The buses are extensively utilized, as canvases, by the craftsmen to express their feelings. In some cases, they are words of wisdom and/or homage to a celebrity.

And sometimes, the bumpers are exhibited with interesting quotes or verses, which honestly, keeps us very engaged and entertained throughout the road journey. 😀 Enjoy a portion of the ridiculously  cheesy and meaningless poetry (The translations have been written under the picture).

My heart is full of love for you
Heart for Sale. Price=Only One Smile
No Girlfriend, No Tension
Keep Distance-Else You will Fall in Love with Me

The beauty does not lie on the outside only. The inside walls, ceilings and the seat covers are decorated meticulously in a similar fashion.

The bus/truck art has been widely appreciated globally. A W-11 tram was run in Australia, and one of the trucks was exhibited in the London Zoo.

And a bus was run in Turkey as a symbol of Pak-Turk friendship.


The historical art is prevailing in the country for decades and is cherished by the citizens. All thanks to the hardworking artists of Pakistan.


If your passport is made and you like traveling, visit Pakistan to treat your eyes. Keep yourself tuned for the next post about “Chinchi”, another popular form of transport in Pakistan.

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Happy Pakistan Day

Happy Pakistan Day everyone!!!! 😀

Today, Pakistan celebrates the 77th anniversary of Pakistan Resolution Day, also known as Pakistan Day or Republic Day. The Lahore Resolution was passed on 23rd March 1940 at Minar-e-Pakistan after several efforts made by the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It marks the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan. On this auspicious event, I would like to show you some of the beauty of Pakistan.

Some of the famous monuments of Pakistan.

(top left:Badshahi Mosque, top right: Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam, bottom-left: Pakistan Monument, bottom right: Minar-e-Pakistan)

The greenery of Northern areas of Pakistan are heaven on Earth and is shown in the pictures below. (Photo credit: Zain Agha)

Wishing everyone a happy Pakistan Day, I would like to say one last thing:
May the enmity and symptoms of hatred cease between different countries. May the world unite over the similarities rather than divide over the differences. May the tolerance and acceptance increase between the nations. Pakistan Zindabad. Pakistan Paindabad.

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I want to be an artist, but I have no talent

I want to be an artist, but I have no talent!

I love playing Pictionary. It has become a family tradition and we play the game wherever we hang out, whenever we hang out (Last time, we ended up playing it for consecutive four hours until 4 am). And every time, we end up laughing crazily because the game is super hilarious! I mean, I literally get tears of laughter, looking at the pathetic drawings of others. And, to be honest, my “artistic drawings” are not artistic at all. They are barely comprehensible.

For those of you who don’t know what Pictionary is, the rules are as follows. Teams of two compete against each other. One person from each team knows what the word is and he/she has to draw the word (and NOT spell it) on the board or paper. The team to guess the word first wins.

Simple, right? Well, it isn’t as easy. As soon as you get to know the word, the image of the word vanishes from your mind! 😀 I had to pause for a few minutes to think about what a frog looks like! 😀 Doubt me? Draw a frog right now and see it for yourself! 😀 😀

Here are the pictures of the drawings we made. I have added the names to the ridiculous pictures to make them identifiable. Have fun! 😀


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Why I Am a Terrible Hiker

I am a terrible hiker! There! I said it! Wow, I feel relieved!

I love hiking, trekking, and camping, and I do it regularly so I have a pretty good stamina. But God, you would not want to go with me! I am a terrible hiker!

Last year, in Malaysia, I organized an event called Noche de Campo, which is Spanish for Camp Night. (Spanish speakers, pardon me! My Spanish friends named the event and I thought it sounded “classy and funky” so I agreed to it). 😀 We camped near a lake, gathered wood stock and had this huge bonfire. We sang, danced around it. It was fun. I helped in cooking and setting up camps. I also assisted in equipment replacement.

You want to hear why am I a terrible hiker? Wait for it…

So at each and every task, someone would always do something that ONLY I would find funny. Not funny, no no. Hilarious! And I mean super hilarious! I would get a fit of laughter and I would spend the next ten minutes laughing my lungs out while everybody watched me with blankly! I am pretty sure some of the hikers laughed with me at first (“with me”, “at me” who knows) but after a few minutes, they would be like “She is crazy” 😀

So there you go! Unless you find unnoticeable things unnecessarily funny, DO NOT hike/camp with me!

Notice the above pictures. I am laughing in all of them 😀

The Day I Saved A Person From Dying

I have an awesome announcement to make! I donated my blood!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

It may sound ordinary to some people but it was an amazing milestone for me! 🙂 For years, I have been wanting to donate blood and help people in need. And this time I got the perfect opportunity at HOPES Health Expo 2017. 🙂 (The blood bag with the orange label in the above picture).

HOPES Health Expo was organized by HOPES (Help of Patients in Exigency by Students) students of Karachi Medical & Dental College (KMDC) at Expo Centre, Karachi. Collaborating with other medical universities of Karachi, the event was a huge success!

Thousands of people turned up for the event where free medical tests were being run. The tests included:

  • Blood test
  • Thalassemia
  • Hepatitis test
  • Calcium test
  • ENT (Ear Nose Throat)
  • Dental checkups
  • BMI (Body-Mass-Index)
  • Diabetes test
  • Eyesight test
  • Dermatologist
  • Breast Cancer
  • Obesity check

The top-left picture shows me enjoying the yellowish, honey-mint drink. (But, to be honest, it tasted like mouthwash 😀 ) Contrary to my expectation, I didn’t get symptoms of dizziness after the loss of blood. So it was a win-win situation. 🙂

Despite the presence of thousands of people, the event was well-organized. Thanks to Pakistan Welfare Association (PWA) and Karachi Medical & Dental College for organizing HOPES Health Expo 2017

I want to encourage everyone to visit the nearest blood bank/hospital and donate your blood. Your contribution may save someone and extend their lives.

Visit their page to know more about them:

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Hanging Out With Giraffes and Snake

I love animals. Animals are the epitome of loyalty, friendship, and hard work. Last year, I volunteered at the Zoo Negara, Malaysia (National Zoo of Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur, and I had the most amazing times of my life!!!

I and my friend, Koo (Malaysian) were assigned the duty to clean the giraffes’ enclosure and feed them. I was thrilled. Giraffes are adorable and cuddly. ^_^ When I reached the confinement, I found the Mama giraffe and Baby giraffe strolling. And oh my God! the baby was super cute, I wanted to hug it and sit with it forever! 😀

The giraffes were taken outside by the zookeeper, and we began cleaning the cage with rakes. After that, we tied the acacia leaves with ropes, and using pulleys, pulled the leaves near the ceiling. The giraffes were then called in to have their lunch. At that moment, there was one thing that shocked me: the giraffes have reaaaaaally long tongues!!!! I googled later and found out that the tongues can reach up to 18 to 20 inches long!!!

Later, we were assigned to pick up feces of animals using spades. (Please ignore the fact that I look sweaty and messy in the pictures 😀 )

By that time, we started getting symptoms of hunger too. Thus, we decided to go for lunch. Unfortunately, it rained profusely for about an hour so we had to flee to get the shelter. That is the reason we look slightly wet in the pictures. 😀

I even took a picture with a cute live snake!!! Its skin had a rough texture… scaly, smooth, shiny… The almost-5-kg-creature glided along my neck comfortably. 🙂


Finally, we shared a chat with the zookeepers, where they told stories of their experiences. We also got to ride on their tractor. 😀

It was a memorable time of my life. I hope to get more opportunities like these in the future. 🙂 Grab your passport and volunteer at the amazing zoo. Feel free to visit the website of Zoo Negara to volunteer at their events:

Zoo Negara-Be a Volunteer

That Evil Ice Cream

Karachi is a place where you can eat heaps of food for the cheapest amount of money. It is heaven on Earth for foodies like me!!! 😀

Yesterday, I went to the food street of Hussainabad Town and man! I had an amazing time!!! 😀 I started off with a giant, monster ice cream from Karachi Ice Cream. It cost $0.29 each!!! (Yes! You have read that right! :D)


It was made into a cute shape of a flower, with spikes of ice cream around the primary spike. You could request for several flavours to be put on the cone. I chose chocolate, strawberry, vanilla  and pineapple. (They had roasted almonds, blueberry, kulfi, bounty, etc.) Honestly, it was so colossal, it took me a good 30 minutes to finish it off. My mother couldn’t eat it completely so she had to pass it to my father! Haha


After gobbling a whole ice cream, I had no space in my tummy to eat anything else. So I and my family strolled around the territory, enjoying the beautiful streets, decorated with lights.

After a 20 minutes’ walk, however, the lists of things that I ate started expanding. 😀 I ate Aloo Channa Chaat, Tilli, French Fries and Matta Pulao!!! (Overall cost, including 4 ice creams: $ 3.25)!!! And every last bit of it tasted amaaaaaazing!!! My mouth is watering by just thinking about it!!! 😀

I had a great time enjoying the scrumptious Pakistani cuisine! 🙂 I would flee to the food street next time I get the chance! 🙂 I would totally recommend everyone to try Pakistani food! 🙂