About Me

I have an engineer’s brain, a volunteer’s heart, a traveler’s body and…a foodie’s…uh…mouth…? I guess I am a freakin’ Frankenstein! During my leisure time, I read, EAT, do yoga, EAT, binge-watch TV shows, EAT! 😀

Being a Pakistani who is on a constant move, you would read ceaseless posts about my amazing experiences in Malaysia (I did undergraduate studies in this green country), United Arab Emirates (I did an internship in this royal country) and Pakistan (the love of my life).

I am currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant with Dr. Faizal, chair of IEEE Malaysia. ^_^ Being a geek, I am hoping for some good news soon. Fine, I am the ultimate nerd queen!  I had straight As in O Level and A Level (gold medalist), and I achieved “Best Student Award” during undergraduate convocation.

Rooting for two things in life: 1) Green energy 2) Barry and Iris to remain together for once without Barry messing up the timeline!

Happy surfing! #Peace out! 🙂

For PR/Media Inquiry, contact me on khajistanizam@yahoo.com


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