My Mom’s Idea of a Meme

Mushk (My sister): “Mothers blame the poor phones for everything! ‘You have a headache because you are always on the phone!'”

Me: “You have a stomach ache huh? Go and spend some more time on the phone.”

Mushk: “You have developed cancer because you are always using the freakin’ phone.”

Me: “Yeah! We should create a meme in which a natty phone looks sad because the mothers blames it for every disease on this planet.”

Mother: “You know, maybe you should create a meme where the phone says ‘the kids nowadays have become uninterested in their studies. They are always concentrating on me and not on their parents.'”

Me: “….”

My sister: “…”


Does your mom do the same thing? Do let me know in the comments. 🙂

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