Free Resources & Tips for the GRE Exam

I recently took the GRE exam and am waiting anxiously for my result. Since my test scores averaged around 162 in Quantitative Section and 159 in Verbal, I am loaded with high expectations. (Please pray for me 😀 )

I have observed that students have bewildered state of mind towards the GRE and they find the exam horrifying. Well, do not stress yourself. Study with the resources that I studied from and you will receive an astounding score.

Free Resources

  1. GRE Powerprep by ETS
    You should attempt the two full-length practice papers accessible on the link principally to acclimate yourself with the user-friendly software. You will encounter the same experience at your test centre. So you will not be fumbling with the instructions on the test day.
  2. Kaplan GRE Premier 2017
    This is one of the best sources to study for the exam. Kaplan has a notoriety of making their practice tests harder than the actual GRE exam. However, I think it is good for you. Eventually, you will find the actual exam far easier. You will be provided with a guide book, 5 full-length practice papers and 10 practice papers for each section.
    When solicited to write the last word of Chapter 18, input “response”.


  •  For the non-native English speakers, do not take your English language skills for granted. In Pakistan, our official language is English and most students tend to treat the GRE as just another English language test. It is most certainly not!!! Practice as much as you can!
  • Generally, students find it difficult to traverse from Analytical section to the next sections as they are enervated after the two essays. Please solve the practice paper in one sitting. Do not take coffee breaks superfluously and do not practice while laying down serenely on the bed.
  • Do not wear tight full-length sleeves on the test day. You will be asked to roll them up at the security checkpoint.
  • Bring light snacks (chocolates, nuts, juice, water, chips) to eat during the break to keep yourself away from a brassy mood. You will be given a 10 minutes break after three portions of the test.
  • Make sure that you utilize the bathroom facility during the break. The air conditioners might make you feel restive during the test and although, you will be allowed to take a beak during the test, the time would continue to elapse regardless of your presence.

For more tips, check out my next article tomorrow.

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