I have successfully performed my first ever operation

So I have been away from WordPress for quite some time- WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp! I had literally become a caveman! I had absolutely no idea what was going on in the world. I had all these questions. Has Donald Trump already burnt half of the United States down? Did Justin Bieber vomit on his Indian tour? Okay… I guess, I use my time to do research on pretty useless questions. And now I feel stupid. (Internal voice: Half of the people you know have commented that out loud to you).

Anyway, the reason I was away was because I was scheduled to perform a MAJOR OPERATION! (*insert dramatic sound effect*). I had no courage to go through with it and it took me days to prepare myself mentally and physically. After all, it is always difficult to operate on your loved one.

After postponing the dreadful event, I finally plucked up the courage to take the patient to the operation theater. Taking deep breaths, I sanitized my hands and handled the equipment to open the body to view the inner parts clearly. My hands shook, my mouth became dry. Any tiny wrong maneuver and my patient may lose his life.

I had to get to the heart of the patient. But I needed to clean the respiratory system first. So I took out the necessary part, cleansed it and put it back into the body. And then I extracted the heart of the patient.

Okay, yeah, you are not buying the description huh? Okay, fine. The patient was my precious laptop. I LOVE my laptop okay. No need to judge me. I cried the day it stopped working! (*Feeling stupid again*). I did quite a poor impression of a doctor. Anyway, with the help of my sister, Mushk Nizam, I performed a deep cleansing operation on my laptop, extracted the fan, cleaned it, took out the internal hard disk and reinstalled the Windows on it. And I am happy to announce that my patient (I mean, my laptop) is healthy. My Engineering degree has finally come handy.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-24 at 10.33.13 AM



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