Converting the Most Hated Drink on the Planet to the Most Loved Ice Cream

After giving us amazing flavors, McDonald’s Malaysia has decided to make the most hated drink on the planet into the most loved ice cream. I am on cloud nine!!! Mc Donald’s Malaysia has introduced a new Japanese flavor to Malaysia!!! It’s the GREEN TEA MCFLURRY!!!


The picture of Green Tea McFlurry looks appetizing, and the Malaysian crowd is responding with much zeal and zest. The Mcflurry is being served with red beans or without for “the perfect balance of taste and texture”. Just look at the fun-filled advertisement of Green Tea McFlurry below. My mouth waters every time I watch the video. I can hardly wait to set my hands on the astounding treat!

The introduction of the new flavor has started a new battle on Twitter. vs . While some want both flavors in their grasps, most have decided to choose one of the two champions by captioning this: “Dear crush, I want a ’cause it’s sweet. . . like you.” or “Dear crush, I want a ’cause it’s sweet. . . like you.”. Catchy, eh?! And some took the opportunity to share their eternal love for the classics and/or for their crushes.

Therefore, get a passport to chill land and defeat the summer by going to the nearest McDonald’s outlet now and don’t forget to share your experience.

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