Buses in Pakistan-Art on Wheels

Pakistanis are art lovers. They like expressing their views and desires through works of painting. You don’t have to walk towards the art to feast your eyes, the art will come towards you. Ladies and Gentlemen! I introduce you to the bus/truck art of Pakistani buses! Have a look at a typical bus and some of the common symbols found on the buses.


The buses are extensively utilized, as canvases, by the craftsmen to express their feelings. In some cases, they are words of wisdom and/or homage to a celebrity.

And sometimes, the bumpers are exhibited with interesting quotes or verses, which honestly, keeps us very engaged and entertained throughout the road journey. 😀 Enjoy a portion of the ridiculously  cheesy and meaningless poetry (The translations have been written under the picture).

My heart is full of love for you
Heart for Sale. Price=Only One Smile
No Girlfriend, No Tension
Keep Distance-Else You will Fall in Love with Me

The beauty does not lie on the outside only. The inside walls, ceilings and the seat covers are decorated meticulously in a similar fashion.

The bus/truck art has been widely appreciated globally. A W-11 tram was run in Australia, and one of the trucks was exhibited in the London Zoo.

And a bus was run in Turkey as a symbol of Pak-Turk friendship.


The historical art is prevailing in the country for decades and is cherished by the citizens. All thanks to the hardworking artists of Pakistan.


If your passport is made and you like traveling, visit Pakistan to treat your eyes. Keep yourself tuned for the next post about “Chinchi”, another popular form of transport in Pakistan.

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