Letter from the Future

The last glacier has melted,

The last tree has fallen,

Oh dear father, I wish you had not kept me forgotten.

You destroyed my future,

While you made your present,

Now you have caused my generation’s descent.

With the rising sea levels,

Soon, my little home will sink.

I have ash to eat and sand to drink.

I am surrounded by skyscrapers,

I have the cash,

With no trees on the planet, those are worthy of trash.

While you took shower,

With gallons of water,

I crave for a drop of it, as the Earth has gotten hotter.

I seek shelter from the Nature’s disaster,

I can’t buy joy,

Why did you cause my home to destroy?

On this World Water Day, let’s vow to save our planet for the future generation. Trading our acceptance for the love of material world, we need to resolve the problems caused by our continued journey towards materialism. We should not wait for more symptoms to illuminate before we take action.

With minimal effort, you can bring a greater change in the world. Imagine if one family planted one tree per month, there will be 12 trees per year. Multiply 12 with the number of families living in your neighborhood and you will get hundreds of trees in your lane. 🙂

Save yourself by saving the world. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Letter from the Future

    1. junkytravel

      So true. Eventually, we will be left with the money but we won’t have any resources left to pay the bill for.
      And when we have leaders who say that the Global Warming is just a myth, what can we expect from the public… 😦


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