Why I Am a Terrible Hiker

I am a terrible hiker! There! I said it! Wow, I feel relieved!

I love hiking, trekking, and camping, and I do it regularly so I have a pretty good stamina. But God, you would not want to go with me! I am a terrible hiker!

Last year, in Malaysia, I organized an event called Noche de Campo, which is Spanish for Camp Night. (Spanish speakers, pardon me! My Spanish friends named the event and I thought it sounded “classy and funky” so I agreed to it). πŸ˜€ We camped near a lake, gathered wood stock and had this huge bonfire. We sang, danced around it. It was fun. I helped in cooking and settingΒ up camps. I also assisted in equipmentΒ replacement.

You want to hear why am I a terrible hiker? Wait for it…

So at each and every task, someone would always do something that ONLY I would find funny. Not funny, no no. Hilarious! And I mean super hilarious! I would get a fit of laughter and I would spend the next ten minutes laughing my lungs out while everybody watched me with blankly! I am pretty sure some of the hikers laughed with me at first (“with me”, “at me” who knows) but after a few minutes, they would be like “She is crazy” πŸ˜€

So there you go! Unless you find unnoticeable things unnecessarily funny, DO NOT hike/camp with me!

Notice the above pictures. I am laughing in all of them πŸ˜€


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