Dear Trump Family,

Dear Trump Family,

I am a Muslim and I want to say that I stand with the citizens of U.S.A. And I know that the Americans stand with us. Please know that we (the Muslims) understand that the Trump family’s ethics DOES NOT represent America’ faith, culture or race, just as the Islamic extremists’ groups’ practices do not represent us.

I want to thank all the Americans with all my heart for standing up for the discrimination against our faith. Thank you for showing love and compassion to us. Please do not get scared of us. Our religion does not promote terrorism. Nor does Christianity. We respect Christianity as much as we respect Islam. Let the words “Islamophobia” and “Christianphobia” die.

I want to request all to not read phrases out of context out of any Holy Book, be it the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran or the Holy Gita. I want to request the Trump Family to unite with the people of this world against the terrorists, NOT against the faith these terrorists PRETEND TO BELONG TO.

The world is already dividing over the artificial man-made boundaries between the countries. Please do not divide it further through physical walls. We are all sharing one Earth and this is the only planet we have got. Please do not destroy it with hatred. May peace prevail.

Yours sincerely,

The Muslims around the world.



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