Eating with the Poor=Dining with the Rich

A few months ago was 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal, according to the Islamic calendar, and it marked the birth of Muslim’s Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him), and the day was celebrated with great zeal and zest in Karachi, Pakistan.

Muslims searched about the life of the Prophet and learned about peace, harmony, and discipline. The other activity that was done by the citizens was the distribution of food. Scrumptious snacks were distributed among individuals, especially the poor people.

As I looked at the way poor people craved for food, I realized #WhatFoodMeans to them is very different to #WhatFoodMeans to us. While scrumptious food is a luxury for us, it is a necessity for them. While it is a means to enjoy life for us, it is a fine line between life and death for them.

With my sister, cousins, and Chachas (uncles), I, went in a van to distribute chips to the kids living in different areas. It melted my heart to see thousands of other people doing the same, and tears almost flowed out of my eyes when I saw young children jumping with joy.

I loved the experience for two reasons:

1) It allowed me to witness the beautiful smiles on the faces of people.

Their eyes twinkled with delight as they accumulated the delectable snacks. We spoke with a few kids and we couldn’t contain our laughter at their joy. Although they had scarce food, they shared with each other. As I ate with the generous kids, my whole body filled with energy and I realized that eating with the poor was tantamount to dining with the rich.

2) I got free snacks too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

We got 32 boxes of juices, 7 ice lollies, packets of Biryani (Pakistan’s most royal food ๐Ÿ˜› ), zinger burgers, chocolates, biscuits, chips etc!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

We received such a great amount of stuff that consequently, keeping it in the van became a conundrumย and we had to give away some of it. ย ^_^ And this is where I realized: “It literally costs zero dollars to bring make others happy”.

The main objective of the event was to spread happiness among the people and that was beautifully achieved by the citizens. Presently, countries such as Ethiopia are facing severe drought, and it is our duty to heal each other through tough time. I just hope that the people would continue to help each other throughout the year so that the gap between rich and poor can be bridged.

-Peace Out


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