Hanging Out With Giraffes and Snake

I love animals. Animals are the epitome of loyalty, friendship, and hard work. Last year, I volunteered at the Zoo Negara, Malaysia (National Zoo of Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur, and I had the most amazing times of my life!!!

I and my friend, Koo (Malaysian) were assigned the duty to clean the giraffes’ enclosure and feed them. I was thrilled. Giraffes are adorable and cuddly. ^_^ When I reached the confinement, I found the Mama giraffe and Baby giraffe strolling. And oh my God! the baby was super cute, I wanted to hug it and sit with it forever! 😀

The giraffes were taken outside by the zookeeper, and we began cleaning the cage with rakes. After that, we tied the acacia leaves with ropes, and using pulleys, pulled the leaves near the ceiling. The giraffes were then called in to have their lunch. At that moment, there was one thing that shocked me: the giraffes have reaaaaaally long tongues!!!! I googled later and found out that the tongues can reach up to 18 to 20 inches long!!!

Later, we were assigned to pick up feces of animals using spades. (Please ignore the fact that I look sweaty and messy in the pictures 😀 )

By that time, we started getting symptoms of hunger too. Thus, we decided to go for lunch. Unfortunately, it rained profusely for about an hour so we had to flee to get the shelter. That is the reason we look slightly wet in the pictures. 😀

I even took a picture with a cute live snake!!! Its skin had a rough texture… scaly, smooth, shiny… The almost-5-kg-creature glided along my neck comfortably. 🙂


Finally, we shared a chat with the zookeepers, where they told stories of their experiences. We also got to ride on their tractor. 😀

It was a memorable time of my life. I hope to get more opportunities like these in the future. 🙂 Grab your passport and volunteer at the amazing zoo. Feel free to visit the website of Zoo Negara to volunteer at their events:

Zoo Negara-Be a Volunteer


4 thoughts on “Hanging Out With Giraffes and Snake

    1. junkytravel

      I had a lot of fun at the zoo. I want to visit the place again 🙂
      I read your blog. And I must say that I loved it. 🙂 Your experiences to the zoo and Space Centre are fun to read. 🙂 I will definitely visit these places someday 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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