The Treasure Box in the Storeroom

The new year is coming up and today, my mother decided that it was a “lovely” time to clean the storeroom. Grumpily, I dragged myself to the room to look at the enormous heap of boxes shrouded in dust. “Incredible! What a way to spend my weekend!” But my grumpy mood soon improved and I became glad that I decided to assist Mummy because searching through the trash, I discovered Mummy’s treasure box!!!

Mummy revealed that when my Naanaa (Grandfather) returned from different countries, he used to bring coins and currency notes, and as a young kid, she used to gather them. (Naanaa worked on marine ships). Look at the beautiful panoply of coins!!!

Some coins predate the separation of the subcontinent India (before Pakistan became independent) and some belong to the era of Emperor King George VI. There is a coin from the United States of America that was issued in 1918! And a 1/2 Pice Rupee that was made public in 1913! There is also a coin that was released in 1861!

The coins are from several different parts of the world: Iran, United States of America, Pakistan, India, Korea, China, Vietnam, Qatar, Japan, France, Tanzania, Philipines, United Arab Emirates etc. There are coins that have holes in the middle and I have not been able to figure out the handwriting. Feel free to identify the antiquated coins of the country  you abide in.

Mummy has said that there is another box of coins somewhere in the storeroom. So much history was abiding under my roof all these years and I had no clue about it. The valuable find has motivated me to dig into the boxes in the storeroom and admire my mother’s hobby, but honestly, my mother is not entirely happy that I have been taking pictures for the past half an hour instead of tidying the room! 😀 Got to go! Hoping to keep you updated. 🙂



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