The Day I Stayed with 20 HIV/Aids Patients

I love volunteering. I love seeking out new opportunities to help people. So when my sister, Fareha Nizam (from Pakistan) and friends, Azrina (from Fiji) and Jannah (from Malaysia) told me about the event they are organizing, I was thrilled.

I, along with the team headed by Ms. Rekha, set out to reach HIV/Aids Council. After an hour drive, we reached the destination with extraordinary enthusiasm and to be honest with you, I HAD ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING TIMES OF MY LIFE over there!!!

The manager gave us a brief review of the place and the patients. There were around twenty individuals suffering from HIV/Aids. Most of them were young children. At first, they were hesitant and shy, but that did not stop them from welcoming us warmly. Gradually, with huge grins on their faces, they started mingling. I made several new friends. A girl named Azana developed such a special bonding with me that she declined to eat until I spoon-fed her. Just look at her cuteness!


Later, we played drawing games and gifted them stationary boxes and coloring books. I was able to relax and enjoy with twenty great people who were more energetic, more positive, more lively than me. And spending a day there made me realize three things:

  1. We need to let go of negativity affecting our lives
    Because they slowly consume us and leave us pessimistic, and unmotivated.
  2. We should not let our failures get to us
    DO NOT GIVE UP! Do not regret. Life is a roller coaster.
    Reconstruct your life and move on.
  3. HIV/Aids patients require love and care
    Eating/drinking/playing with such patients does not transfer the disease.
    It is highly important that such patients are not left alone.

Mission: Make the patients’ day happier

Outcome: The patients made my day happier


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